Did You Watch Us On Dirty Jobs? Too Funny!

Mike Rowe experiences Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash on Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe experiences Terressentials
Pure Earth Mud Wash on Dirty Jobs

Yes, Mr. Dirty Jobs—Mike Rowe—came with his fun filming crew and his production manager and guru/wiseguy, Dave Barsky, and spent a long day with our Terressentials team and "helped" us to make a batch of our super Cool Mint Hair Wash. What a day that was! We all had a blast hanging out with Mike and crew, eating Thai food, learning yoga stretches and television video production while shooting lots of footage, and just messing around. As it turns out, Mike actually is a very smart and genuinely funny guy and we can confirm that it is true: Mike doesn't mind getting dirty!  In fact, Mike's crazy antics kinda remind us of how mischievous little boys always seem to find all of the mud puddles...just for fun, of course!

If you haven't already seen our hilarious Dirty Jobs episode, you can catch the trailer here  and, if you'd like to chill out and enjoy a few laughs, grab a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and watch the entire show—the Dirty Jobs "Animal Barber" episode is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Since Mike has been a good friend to us, we'd like to return the favor and share the link to Mike's web site Mike Rowe Works. You should check out his site and his remarkable altruistic efforts in speaking out to raise awareness about the importance of skilled trades jobs AND raising money for scholarships for young folks looking to learn a trade. Cool! Mike Rowe Works is an excellent and much-needed educational project. Thanks for raising awareness, Mike, and for walking the walk, not just talking the talk!

Using Hair Wash helps clarify your skin? How does that work?

Q: I have sensitive skin that seems to react to EVERYTHING! What product of yours would you recommend for clarifying my skin?


Sensitive skin is no fun! Especially when there are so many companies out there trying to sell you chemical-loaded cleansers that will just make your skin react more!

For those individuals with sensitive or reactive skin, we highly recommend our USDA certified organic Fragrance-Free Facial Line. There is even a sampler that you can purchase that has a small amount of the Fragrance-Free Cleanser, Toner, Facial Lotion, and Moisture Cream. We recommend following the instructions sheet in the tester box (which, amongst other things, advises using a warm, wet wash cloth so that the fabric fibers can deeply cleanse your pores). Also, as the instructions say, you only need a small amount of the cleanser to clean your face, throat, and decollete – just a ¼ of a teaspoon will do! We advise using the Fragrance-Free Cleanser for a day or two, then adding the Toner, waiting a few days, then adding the Facial Lotion and/or Moisture Cream. It's normal for some users to not need all the steps, so find out what works best for you!

Also, we strongly suggest that you look into our Pure Earth Hair Wash. Even if you are washing your face with a USDA certified organic product, if you are putting chemicals on your scalp and hair, those chemicals run onto your face while you are in the shower. Since your hair rubs against your face all day, your face is being bathed in chemicals 24/7! For people with sensitivities, we do recommend starting with our Fragrance-Free or Cool Mint Hair Washes. You can learn more about our Hair Wash from our online Hair Wash Instructions. Also be sure to check out the entirety of our Hair Help Resource Guide as it is chock-full of bona fide Terressentials-approved information about our Hair Wash.

We hope this information helps!

I'm natural. Do I need to detox?

Q: Hi! I've been natural for 6 years, do I need to detox? I use a natural co-wash conditioner that I got from a health food store, so I should be ok, right?


It doesn't matter if you've been “natural” for 6 days, 6 months, 6 years, or 60 years – the term “natural” is unregulated and therefore means nothing. It is easy for any company or corporation to put the word "natural" on a product, because there is no qualification of that term legally. This is why we are a USDA certified organic company. Our hair wash falls into the "made with organic ingredients" category because there is a good bit of clay in the hair wash, and since clay is an inorganic substance (a mineral), it cannot be called "organic." That being said, all ingredients of every USDA certified organic product must comply with the National Organic Program's list of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. So no random, toxic chemicals can be put into an otherwise "organic" product. Also, the clay we use is not irradiated (treated with radiation) or chemically treated in any way. Remember, with USDA organic products the actual ingredients of the products and also the method by which the product is made must comply with the national standards.

If you want to learn about the different labeling categories of USDA organic certification, check out this post on our Organic News Blog.

If you want to see the National Organic Program's list of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, thisis the link to it.

If you want to see a comprehensive list of USDA certified organic companies, see thiswebpage from the USDA National Organic Program website.

Something else you may find helpful is our own Healthy Person's Guide to Personal Care Ingredients. This web page helps identify commonly found chemical ingredients in lots of conventional shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc. These are the things you want to avoid!

Last, but not least, you should pick up the bottle of the conditioner you are using and look at the ingredients label. Check to see if any of the nasty chemical compounds from the webpages above can be found on it. Also, see if the actual conditioner itself is certified by an organic certification company (a company can label ingredients as organic without the end product being considered organic). Also, not every product from a company may be certified organic, so you have to inspect each product individually and carefully to ensure its safety for your health and the health of those around you. If the conditioner is not certified organic, then it is not organic and therefore not "natural." Remember, if you need help conditioning or styling your hair while using our hair wash, our Pure Earth Hair Wash is compatible with only USDA certified organic oils and butters. So if that conditioner you are using is not a USDA certified organic product (remember, the USDA is a government agency), then yes, you have to go through detox.

Also, it's important to note that health food stores do not carry exclusively organic, or even truly natural, foods and products – especially in the body care section. So I still highly recommend that you get out your "natural" conditioner (remembering that the word "natural" has no real meaning since it is not regulated) and read the label to see what is in the conditioner. As we say here: "If it doesn't have the [USDA organic] seal, it ain't the real deal!" Our hair wash is compatible with only USDA certified organic styling products, so you can't use other products with it unless they have the official USDA organic seal on the label.

I am including here two more links. One is to our online Hair Wash instructions that are more in depth than the ones sent with your package. The other is to our Hair Help Blog which has lots of great information about detox, hair styling, and conditioning. When using our hair wash, you do not want to use any chemical dyes, conditioning, or styling products. It doesn't matter if you're going through detox or if you finished detox. No matter what, no chemicals should be used on your hair because then you will have to detox again. Remember, the steps outlined in our hair wash instructions (outlined as day 1 wash your hair this many times, day 2 wash it this many, etc.) is just the beginning of detox. Detox, depending on your personal hair history and how often you wash your hair, can last from two weeks to longer. At no point should you revert back to a chemical conditioner because then you'd have to start detox over again.

Why is my Terressentials product a little different in color, consistency, and aroma?

Q: I've ordered your products multiple times before, and I've noticed that they sometimes are a little bit different in color, consistency, and aroma. Why is that?


Since our USDA certified organic products are made from truly natural ingredients that come from and – in the instance of the clay – are the earth, there is always some natural variation in aroma, color, viscosity or opacity. It takes a tremendous amount of artisan skill to work with the great variety of USDA certified organic and truly natural materials that we receive and attempt to replicate a recipe exactly each time we craft a batch of product. Though it is quite a challenge, we are proud to say that, over the past twenty-two years of crafting our products, we have had much success in maintaining the consistency of our recipes despite the curve balls thrown our way by Mother Nature and we have many loyal, long-term customers who are quite happy with the results of our efforts!

For example, is every single apple the same? Even if you're staying with just one type of apple from one single apple tree, some are more crunchy, some are more sweet, and some are more juicy. Does a loaf of artisan sourdough bread look exactly the same each time you bake one from your treasured recipe? The same ideas apply to the ingredients that we use and the products that we make. Even if we get the same type of ingredient (for example, cocoa butter, clay or lavender oil) it may be a little different in color, aroma or consistency from lot to lot. This doesn't mean that the material is a lower grade, it's just a natural variation. It's important to note that all materials have variations. In particular, organic botanicals vary widely depending upon how and where they grew – the amount of sunlight, rainfall, soil conditions, altitude, time of harvest, etc.

We carefully handpick every single organic ingredient in our products and always search for the highest certified organic quality. We don't and won't make anything but top-notch USDA certified organic body care products with the finest ingredients. After all, we actually do use all of our products ourselves and we don't want anything less than the very best! So don't worry if your newest bottle of Terressentials product is a little bit lighter or darker in color, or a tad thinner or thicker, or the aroma blend is slightly different – it's all good and genuine organic. No matter what, you are selecting an effective product that will be good for both you and the environment.

Oh, yes, and please always do remember to shake your Terressentials product before using it – be it hair wash, body wash, lotion or deodorant – since we do not add any chemical emulsifiers to our products, natural separation may occur. 

I want an answer to a more specific question that isn't answered in the Hair Help Blog or in the Hair Wash Instructions. What should I do?

Q: Hi, I have a really specific question regarding my own personal hair history and scalp situation. I want to get an answer from Terressentials, but I'd rather email than call you guys so that way I have a record of your answer should I need to reference it again. What should I do?


When we get emails from customers, we often run into the problem (as you said) of the customer not giving us enough information on their personal, individual, unique hair history (An analogous situation would be telling someone your stomach hurt and saying only “I last ate this particular food 3 hours ago” as opposed to saying “I haven't felt well the past few days and have eaten these specific things over the past day and tend to get an upset stomach when I eat a lot of this.” It's hard to help someone if you don't have all of their information!).

When you email us, please answer the following questions (and feel free to literally copy and paste this list and fill out your answers):

1. What is your hair type: thick, curly, thin, fine, straight, kinky, curly, wavy, frizzy, etc.?

2. What is your scalp type: oily, normal, dry, sensitive, dandruff/flaky, psoriasis, etc.?

3. What chemical hair treatments have you used: straighteners, perms, bleaches, dyes, etc.?

4. What styling products do you use: gels, mousse, creams, sprays, articulating, smoothers, etc.?

5. Do you blow dry your hair, or use heat to set curls or to straighten your hair?

6. How old are you?

7. Where do you live?

8. What is the source of your bathing water?

9. Do you swim? If yes, where do you swim? Do you swim in a chemically treated or naturally treated pool?

My child's hair became damaged by swimming in a chemically treated pool. What should I do?

Q: I am writing about my 10 year old daughter's hair.

It's been such a pain to brush her hair, it's all tangled up, and my mother keeps using junk on her hair, so I'm really trying to fix her hair problem.

This summer, we spent some time at a public pool (I know, GASP haha). Well, her hair was really damaged from the chemicals in the pool, and her hair never has seemed to recover (and our last visit was in September and it's now March).

She was getting her hair cut recently, and we found out that she has damaged, fine, hair. Her hair felt filmy, like built up residue was just never getting rinsed off. They suggested using a "clarifier" (a couple times a week) on her hair, maybe something with a little tea tree oil in it (though I haven't really researched this avenue, yet, I figured I'd come to you, first). I tried using Shea butter as a detangler, but it left her hair kind of stringy and oily looking (maybe I used too much?)

I went back to your website, and saw the blog on hair. I did the fragrance- free wash gentle gel wash with a vinegar rinse (as detailed in Step 5 of the Hair Wash Instructions). The results were immediate and AMAZING! So much easier to brush, and it seemed to leave her hair a little shiny. Well, my question is this: how often should I use the fragrance-free gel wash and vinegar rinse? Should I use it every day? Or a couple of times a week? Should I use any mud on her hair? If so, which "flavor?"

Also, when I use the gentle gel bath wash on her hair, do I want that to "lather" up? or just kind of massage it through?

Thank you for any advice or information you can give me.


Thank you for your kind words!

Regarding your questions, many people have used our Gentle Gel and the vinegar rinse as their daily hair cleansing routine for years. You can certainly feel free to use it as frequently as needed. You can also try our Cool Mint Body Wash in place of the Gentle Gel in the hair washing process as, unlike the Gentle Gel which is super-fatted with organic jojoba oil, the Cool Mint has no added super-fatted oil. Some folks with fine and/or straight hair prefer having no added extra oil in their Hair Wash. You could even alternate between the Gentle Gel and the Cool Mint washes. FYI, the Gentle Gel doesn't really have much in the way of foaming capability as it contains no coconut oil – it is a traditional
true castile. Coconut and/or palm oils are the oils that can give a castile soap a sudsing effect, though it is important to note that this sudsing effect has no relation to how a real soap product cleanses. Our
Gentle Gel castile is primarily made from organic extra virgin olive oil and olive oils do not support much foaming. However, even without high lather the olive oil castile is very gentle and effective, and is an excellent cleansing choice for those with infantile, or sensitive, or dry or mature skin.

You can also certainly play with the Hair Wash! For fine, straight or thinner hair, our Fragrance-free or our Cool Mint Hair Wash formulas are the best options.

Unfortunately, pool chemicals and conventional shampoo chemicals can, as you've seen, permanently damage the hair cuticle making the hair very susceptible to splitting, breakage and tangling. Folks with fine hair don't often do well when conditioning with oils and butters unless just the tiniest amount is used. So, literally, use perhaps just one drop or two of an organic oil or butter rubbed between the palms of the hands and massaged or combed through the hair to help smooth splitting, damaged hair.

Truly though, the best remedy for people with finer, straighter and/or thinner hair (and everyone else, really!) to maintain healthy-looking hair is to stay away from chemical hair products (yes, there ain't
nothing natural about "all-natural" shampoos) including shampoos, hair bleaches and dyes, perms, etc.

Oh, and try to avoid swimming in pools treated with chemicals. (There are some pools out there that use salt and/or UV light to keep the water from being overrun with bacteria instead of using the conventional toxic pool chemicals.) To protect one's body and hair from toxic chemicals attacking the hair and skin and to help to prevent some chemicals from penetrating the body, we have often suggested the following:

1. Wear a bathing cap when swimming – there are some natural rubber ones out there.

2. Apply some of our Moisture Cream or, for even more protection, try a touch of our Cocoa Butter Body Creme (which contains organic beeswax and no added fragrance!) to the hair before swimming to help repel the water laced with chemicals. After swimming, to remove any chemical residues and excess Moisture Cream or Body Creme, cleanse the hair (and body) using one of our yummy Body Washes and vinegar rinse method, then repeat the process and/or use the Pure Earth Hair Wash as the second or third cleansing step.

3. Apply our Cocoa Butter Body Creme with organic beeswax to the face and body – all over as a gentle preventative/protective barrier – before swimming to help repel the water laced with chemicals. This has the added benefit of being moisturizing for the skin.

Can I use homemade conditioning oils in my hair while using the Hair Wash?

Q: I like to make my own conditioning oil out of organic cold-pressed, raw coconut oil. Is that ok to use with the Hair Wash?


Organic coconut oil to moisturize one's hair? Sure! Sounds Yummy!

We also highly recommend taking a look at our delicious 100% Certified Organic Super Emollient Moisturizers which are delightful blends of aromatic virgin coconut oil that has been infused with nourishing organic herbs and then blended with heavenly mixes of organic essential oils and organic cocoa butter and sunflower oil! Our divine Super Emollient Moisturizers* are perfect for hair and scalp conditioning and smoothing rough hair. Check them out here .

Our Super Emollient Moisturizers are also wonderful for a warm oil treatment for your scalp and hair. Not only do you get the benefits of moisturizing your hair and scalp, but also you get the chance to wrap a warm, soothing towel around your head for as long as you like. Nothing feels better than that! You can read about the warm oil treatment in Step 6 of our Hair Wash Instructions .  

Also, you should try our 100% USDA Certified Organic Fragrance-free Moisture Cream (which can be found by scrolling down a little bit on this page here ). It is great for styling and conditioning the hair.  

Remember the fact of utmost importance: Only USDA certified organic products are compatible with our Hair Wash! So, hair spray, hair gel, silk protein, and other styling products that aren't USDA certified organic are not ok to use with our Hair Wash!

* Also, please note that our Certified Organic Super Emollient Moisturizers are also great all over your body for super deep moisturizing!