Using Hair Wash helps clarify your skin? How does that work?

Q: I have sensitive skin that seems to react to EVERYTHING! What product of yours would you recommend for clarifying my skin?


Sensitive skin is no fun! Especially when there are so many companies out there trying to sell you chemical-loaded cleansers that will just make your skin react more!

For those individuals with sensitive or reactive skin, we highly recommend our USDA certified organic Fragrance-Free Facial Line. There is even a sampler that you can purchase that has a small amount of the Fragrance-Free Cleanser, Toner, Facial Lotion, and Moisture Cream. We recommend following the instructions sheet in the tester box (which, amongst other things, advises using a warm, wet wash cloth so that the fabric fibers can deeply cleanse your pores). Also, as the instructions say, you only need a small amount of the cleanser to clean your face, throat, and decollete – just a ¼ of a teaspoon will do! We advise using the Fragrance-Free Cleanser for a day or two, then adding the Toner, waiting a few days, then adding the Facial Lotion and/or Moisture Cream. It's normal for some users to not need all the steps, so find out what works best for you!

Also, we strongly suggest that you look into our Pure Earth Hair Wash. Even if you are washing your face with a USDA certified organic product, if you are putting chemicals on your scalp and hair, those chemicals run onto your face while you are in the shower. Since your hair rubs against your face all day, your face is being bathed in chemicals 24/7! For people with sensitivities, we do recommend starting with our Fragrance-Free or Cool Mint Hair Washes. You can learn more about our Hair Wash from our online Hair Wash Instructions. Also be sure to check out the entirety of our Hair Help Resource Guide as it is chock-full of bona fide Terressentials-approved information about our Hair Wash.

We hope this information helps!