Why is my Terressentials product a little different in color, consistency, and aroma?

Q: I've ordered your products multiple times before, and I've noticed that they sometimes are a little bit different in color, consistency, and aroma. Why is that?


Since our USDA certified organic products are made from truly natural ingredients that come from and – in the instance of the clay – are the earth, there is always some natural variation in aroma, color, viscosity or opacity. It takes a tremendous amount of artisan skill to work with the great variety of USDA certified organic and truly natural materials that we receive and attempt to replicate a recipe exactly each time we craft a batch of product. Though it is quite a challenge, we are proud to say that, over the past twenty-two years of crafting our products, we have had much success in maintaining the consistency of our recipes despite the curve balls thrown our way by Mother Nature and we have many loyal, long-term customers who are quite happy with the results of our efforts!

For example, is every single apple the same? Even if you're staying with just one type of apple from one single apple tree, some are more crunchy, some are more sweet, and some are more juicy. Does a loaf of artisan sourdough bread look exactly the same each time you bake one from your treasured recipe? The same ideas apply to the ingredients that we use and the products that we make. Even if we get the same type of ingredient (for example, cocoa butter, clay or lavender oil) it may be a little different in color, aroma or consistency from lot to lot. This doesn't mean that the material is a lower grade, it's just a natural variation. It's important to note that all materials have variations. In particular, organic botanicals vary widely depending upon how and where they grew – the amount of sunlight, rainfall, soil conditions, altitude, time of harvest, etc.

We carefully handpick every single organic ingredient in our products and always search for the highest certified organic quality. We don't and won't make anything but top-notch USDA certified organic body care products with the finest ingredients. After all, we actually do use all of our products ourselves and we don't want anything less than the very best! So don't worry if your newest bottle of Terressentials product is a little bit lighter or darker in color, or a tad thinner or thicker, or the aroma blend is slightly different – it's all good and genuine organic. No matter what, you are selecting an effective product that will be good for both you and the environment.

Oh, yes, and please always do remember to shake your Terressentials product before using it – be it hair wash, body wash, lotion or deodorant – since we do not add any chemical emulsifiers to our products, natural separation may occur.