I want an answer to a more specific question that isn't answered in the Hair Help Blog or in the Hair Wash Instructions. What should I do?

Q: Hi, I have a really specific question regarding my own personal hair history and scalp situation. I want to get an answer from Terressentials, but I'd rather email than call you guys so that way I have a record of your answer should I need to reference it again. What should I do?


When we get emails from customers, we often run into the problem (as you said) of the customer not giving us enough information on their personal, individual, unique hair history (An analogous situation would be telling someone your stomach hurt and saying only “I last ate this particular food 3 hours ago” as opposed to saying “I haven't felt well the past few days and have eaten these specific things over the past day and tend to get an upset stomach when I eat a lot of this.” It's hard to help someone if you don't have all of their information!).

When you email us, please answer the following questions (and feel free to literally copy and paste this list and fill out your answers):

1. What is your hair type: thick, curly, thin, fine, straight, kinky, curly, wavy, frizzy, etc.?

2. What is your scalp type: oily, normal, dry, sensitive, dandruff/flaky, psoriasis, etc.?

3. What chemical hair treatments have you used: straighteners, perms, bleaches, dyes, etc.?

4. What styling products do you use: gels, mousse, creams, sprays, articulating, smoothers, etc.?

5. Do you blow dry your hair, or use heat to set curls or to straighten your hair?

6. How old are you?

7. Where do you live?

8. What is the source of your bathing water?

9. Do you swim? If yes, where do you swim? Do you swim in a chemically treated or naturally treated pool?