Why doesn't the Terressentials Hair Wash come in a wide mouthed jar?

Q: Why doesn't Terressentials Hair Wash come in a wide-mouthed jar that I can stick my fingers in and scoop the mud out of? It can be hard to get out of the bottles.


Unfortunately, for such a large quantity of a water-based product to be packed in a jar that would require that fingers be repeatedly inserted into the product over several weeks to dispense it demands significant additions of chemical preservatives to maintain that product's stability. As we are a certified organic company, the use of such chemical preservatives is not in alignment with our organic mission or our natural philosophy and, importantly, the use of chemical preservatives in organic products is forbidden by the federal USDA National Organic Program regulations. Also, we are a very small company and packaging options that are available to us in the smaller quantities that we can afford to purchase are limited. After 20 years of business, we have found that the best bottle for the Hair Wash is the one we currently use. However, rest assured, as we do believe in constant improvement, we are always searching for and open to new and improved packaging ideas.

For now, here are a few tips that we can share with you for successful dispensing of the Hair Wash are:

1. Store your Hair Wash bottle upside down (with cap closed, of course!).

2. When the product gets low in the bottle, gently tap the bottle (cap down and closed) against a tabletop a few times to move the Hair Wash from the bottom of the bottle towards the cap.