Can I use homemade conditioning oils in my hair while using the Hair Wash?

Q: I like to make my own conditioning oil out of organic cold-pressed, raw coconut oil. Is that ok to use with the Hair Wash?


Organic coconut oil to moisturize one's hair? Sure! Sounds Yummy!

We also highly recommend taking a look at our delicious 100% organic Anointing Oils which are delightful blends of aromatic virgin coconut oil that has been infused with nourishing herbs and then blended with heavenly mixes of organic essential oils, cocoa butter and sunflower oil! Our divine Anointing Oils are perfect for hair and scalp conditioning and smoothing rough hair. Check them out here .

Our Anointing Body Oils are also wonderful for a warm oil treatment for your scalp and hair. Not only do you get the benefits of moisturizing your hair and scalp, but also you get the chance to wrap a warm, soothing towel around your head for as long as you like. Nothing feels better than that! You can read about the warm oil treatment in Step 6 of our Hair Wash Instructions .  

Also, you should try our 100% USDA Certified Organic Fragrance-free Moisture Cream (which can be found by scrolling down a little bit on this page here ). It is great for styling and conditioning the hair.  

Remember the fact of utmost importance: Only USDA certified organic products are compatible with our Hair Wash! So, hair spray, hair gel, silk protein, and other styling products that aren't USDA certified organic are not ok to use with our Hair Wash!