Good to the Last Drop!!

Information about how to get all of your Hair Wash out of the bottle

Q: I have the large bottle of Hair Wash, and it seems like halfway through the product becomes difficult to get out. I always shake the bottle before each use. Last time I used a knife to cut the bottle in half, scooped the product out and transferred it to a plastic container. It's kind of a hassle. Do you have any other suggestions or feedback from other customers regarding this issue?

A: Here's our insider tip: we usually store our Hair Wash bottles upside down in the bathroom -- with the cap closed, of course! When the bottle is stored upside down we usually don't have any problems getting the product out of the bottle. In addition, on occasion if the mud Hair Wash is a thicker batch, we may gently tap the top of the cap of the bottle on the bathtub shelf while holding the bottle upside down to move the product forward to the top of the bottle for easier dispensing -- voila!

As you are aware, our products are certified organic to the USDA National Organic Program standard and, as our products are certified organic products, we do not use any strong and toxic chemical preservatives as they are not permitted under the organic regs (and we strongly agree with the NOP that toxic synthetic preservatives are to be avoided). Our Hair Wash is formulated with gentle organic herbal extracts and/or organic essential oils that are beneficial for hair and scalp, and that also help to keep the product stable and fresh in the bottle when used according to our instructions. Our Hair Wash was formulated to be used out of a bottle, NOT out of a jar or tub into which one would dip one's fingers. Dipping one's fingers into the Hair Wash product creates potential opportunities for contamination. In the future we ask that you, please, do not transfer your Hair Wash to a plastic tub or jar! Please, just use the Hair Wash out of the bottle as recommended.