What Should I Do If My Skin (and Body) Is Really Sensitive??

Information for Hair Wash users with sensitive skin 

Q: I am an extremely sensitive person, very sensitive to odors so I am in need of a fragrance free hair product. I have been experiencing terrible itching on my head this winter. So I am wondering if your Fragrance-free Hair Wash may help me.


A: Regarding your email inquiry, we suggest that you read through all of our excellent, detailed Hair Wash instructions article to learn more about our unique hair cleansing product.

In addition, we suggest that, to begin your transition away from chemical detergent-based products, you might want to try washing your hair with our Organic Fragrance-free Gentle Bath Gel and a dilute vinegar and water rinse for 3-4 days. (See numbers 4, 5 and 6 in the article mentioned above and, in particular, note the instruction and vinegar rinse recipe in number 5. The dilute vinegar rinse can be soothing for some irritated and/or itching scalps.) After washing your hair this way for a few days, you then might wish to start using our Fragrance-free Hair Wash -- being sure to follow the Hair Wash detox protocol as outlined in the Hair Wash instructions article.

We'd like to point out that, as you stated that you are a more sensitive individual, you should be aware that both our Organic Fragrance-free Gentle Bath Gel and our Fragrance-free Hair Wash are available in trial sizes for your personal use in gauging your scalp's and skin's compatibility with our products. Sensitive individuals should always do a patch test first of only one new product at one time and then wait 24-36 hours before using any new products. Note that we only recommend our Fragrance-free products for sensitive individuals.

Please do note, too, that our Hair Wash product is not compatible with conventional shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc. In addition, please also note that we are not medical professionals and, thus, cannot offer you medical advice about your irritated scalp condition. We will share, however, that many folks have reported skin and scalp problems after using hair coloring products, hair straightening products and hair waving products. Such products typically contain strong and toxic chemicals that can cause scalp irritation and/or itching. We highly recommend foregoing the use of all such synthetic chemical hair treatment products if one has any scalp irritation.