Each Hair Wash "Flavor" is Different!?!?

Information about levels of moisturizing in Hair Washes

Q: Which of your hair washes are moisturizing? My hair gets dry sometimes and I don't know what to do about it.


A: Our Hair Washes are formulated for different hair types and the different "flavors" actually do have different effects for different hair types. For example, most people cannot use our Left Coast Lemon version as it is our most moisturizing version that is designed for very thick, kinky, curly and/or frizzy hair. The lemon formula contains a good amount of organic citrus waxes (in the various organic citrus oils) and, while these are excellent for helping to smooth and control kinky or curly hair, they are too heavy for fine hair and may build up on finer or thinner hair. Our Lavender is our medium moisturizing formula that works well for thick, coarse or damaged hair, and our Spice is our lightest moisturizing formula that can be used by those with thicker, normal hair that may occasionally be a little dry or rough. Our Mint and Fragrance-free versions have no moisturizing components and are the best formulas for those with fine, thin, straight or oily hair.