Help!! I'm Pregnant and Addicted to Your Hair Wash!!

Information about using Hair Wash while pregnant

Q: I just found out I'm pregnant, but I've been using your Sultry Spice Hair Wash for months now and don't want to go back to using conventional shampoos. I wasn't even thinking about it this morning and I used the Spice Hair Wash again, and I've been smelling the spiciness all day. Is it safe to use your Hair Wash during pregnancy? If so, should I limit myself to a particular scent?


A: Don't worry about the residual aroma from the Hair Wash. We think that the chemicals in the conventional shampoos out there are more of a concern than the small amount of organic essential oils in the Hair Wash when you wash your hair. Absorption of essential oils may occur only for the small amount of time that they are in contact with the scalp.

Essential oils can be stimulating -- some more than others. We feel that the certified organic FDA food-grade essential oils (these can be used in organic foods & teas) that we use are safe to use occasionally when pregnant (you shouldn't completely deprive yourself), but, generally, going the fragrance-free route might be a good idea in order to have a calmer mother (and baby!) to allow baby to grow peacefully. Birth and the life experience will be stressful enough in a few short months.