Visiting a Hair Salon Soon?? Remember These Tips!!

Information about using our Hair Wash and going to the hair salon

Q: I've been using your hair wash for a couple of weeks and have gone through the detox process. My hair is fuller than it has been in years! I always thought I had super-fine/thin hair!

When I go to the hairdresser to get a haircut, etc. they will want to shampoo my hair and put all kinds of products in it. Will one visit to the salon require me to go through the detox process all over again? Or should I be brave and tell my stylist no shampoo, no gels, etc.?


A: Please use your visit to your stylist as an organic education opportunity!

We always take our mud Hair Wash with us and share the experience with the shampoo person and our stylist. We never let them put the chemical stuff on our head (yes, it will take a few days to detox that stuff out of your hair -- so why use it?) and explain to our stylist that we want cuts that don't require plastic polymer glues (!) to hold our hair in place.

We've been seeing our current stylist for years now and he is aware of and now understands our unique approach to maintaining and wearing our hair, and about our cool Hair Wash. Our stylist and even the shampoo ladies enjoy using and smelling the Hair Wash -- especially the Cool Mint and Lavender Garden! Of course, they are also able to see the results for themselves and that always seems to surprise them no matter how many times they try it out on us. It really makes for a fun visit to the salon!