First Time Users - Read This!!

Information about ordering the correct amount of Hair Wash for the detox process

Q: I'd like to try your Hair Wash but I've never used it before. Can I just buy a 2 oz. trial bottle to see if it works with my hair?


A: Our Hair Wash is NOT a shampoo and does not work like a shampoo. We're sorry, but simply ordering a 2 ounce trial bottle will not be enough Hair Wash to complete the Detox Protocol properly. When you read our Hair Wash article you will see that we recommend, at minimum, one eight ounce bottle of Hair Wash to get through the detox. We really want you to use our product correctly so that you will have a good experience with it. It is very unique, with no bubbles, no soap, and no lather.

Please do read our article for guidance on selecting the proper formula for your hair type and, in addition, be sure to read number 5 -- speeding the detox -- for very important information about the washing and rinsing process for getting through the detox more quickly.