It Says This, But I Like This Smell Better!!

Information about choosing the Hair Wash based on your hair type

Q: I tend to buy products by fragrance. I have fine, straight hair and would like to order lemon hair wash, but it's not listed as a match for my hair type. Does it really matter? Would you say that the hair washes are very similar, apart from the essential oils?


A: Our formulas are not all the same. The various essential oil formulas DO make a difference.

Unfortunately, for your hair type -- fine, straight hair -- the lemon would be the least recommended formula as it is our heaviest moisturizing version and fine, straight hair does NOT need heavy moisturizing!

Our recommendations for you would be, definitely, Fragrance-free or Cool Mint. And possibly, Spice -- although the Spice version may even be too moisturizing for you if used every day.

Just be sure to follow all of the Hair Wash instructions for best results.

Now, if you're looking for some excitement and a pick-me-up via an aromatherapy scent, well, that's easy to fix! Try using our Left Coast Lemon Body Wash or any one of our other yummy Body Washes. They're delicious!