Choosing the Best Hair Wash for Your Hair is a Necessity!!

Information about choosing the correct Hair Wash for your hair type

Q: I have been using your Fragrance-free Hair Wash and am still in the detox process. My hair is long, fine, and curly and it tends to be dry and frizzy. It seems like the Fragrance-free Hair Wash makes my hair feel very weighed down and I can't seem to fully rinse it out. I ordered the Lavender as well to try to see if that works better. I like it better than the Fragrance-free but it seems to really weigh my hair down and it seems like there is a bit of residue still after rinsing. Can you recommend anything that I should do differently to keep that from happening?


A: Our Lavender Hair Wash is formulated for folks with thick, wavy or curly hair, that may be dry on the ends. It is usually too heavy for daily use for folks with thinner and/or finer and/or straighter hair types.

It appears that daily use of the Lavender Hair Wash is too moisturizing for your hair and scalp. You could try alternating the Lavender Hair Wash with the Fragrance-free or Cool Mint formulas and following the instructions in number five in our Hair Wash article for the Body Wash deep cleanse once a week or more frequently, if desired. However, it just may be that the Lavender is too moisturizing for your needs and your best Hair Wash formula is the Fragrance-free (or the Cool Mint).