Using Hair Wash with Colored Hair?? It's Possible!!

Information about using our Hair Wash if your hair has been color-treated

Q: I am very interested in switching over to
Terressentials. I have read through your site and my only concern is that my hair was recently colored in an effort to take it back to my "normal" color. I don't plan to continue coloring it but it will be quite some time before the colored hair grows out (my hair is below my shoulders). Should I wait until the colored hair is grown out? Or can I start using your Hair Wash sooner than that?


A: You can certainly start using our Hair Wash now -- no need to wait! First, though, do be sure to read through all of our excellent, detailed and highly informative Hair Wash article to learn about how our Hair Wash work: what to expect, selecting the proper hair cleansing formula for your hair type, speeding the detox, the special deep cleansing Body Wash treatment, conditioning the hair, etc.

Please also do note that the longer and thicker one's hair, and/or the more chemically-processed, the longer the detox.

Our recommendation? Read and follow the Hair Wash detox protocol instructions, be patient and enjoy!