Stop!! Don't Use That!!

Information about using other hair products with the Hair Wash

Q: I purchased the hair wash and am beginning the detox process. I see it
says not to use with any other hair products - is that during the detox period only or permanently? I usually use mousse to give my hair volume at the roots and give the curls some definition. What do I use now? I don't see where you offer any hair products besides shampoo.


A: About your question, the styling products that you describe are synthetic chemical glue-like polymer products that are made and/or reacted with petrochemicals. These types of products are not healthy for you or the environment in their manufacturing, their use, and when they are washed down your bathtub drain into our waterways.

In addition, such plastic-type products are not compatible with our Hair Wash. For more information about hair product polymers and our Hair Wash, please the excellent, detailed article about our Hair Wash -- how it works, what to expect, the detox protocol, etc.