Want More Information about Henna??

More information about henna hair coloring

Q: You mention organic henna colorants on your web site but don't offer them. Which do you recommend?


A: The Light Mountain brand of pure botanical and henna hair colorings that we offer in our store is an excellent nontoxic hair coloring option. We have searched for nearly twenty years and still have not found a reliable source for an authentic USDA certified organic 100% pure botanical henna powder product...yet. The Light Mountain brand is the best completely natural hair coloring product that we have found. While Light Mountain hennas do not contain synthetic chemicals and are pure botanical products, the line is not certified organic. The Light Mountain hair coloring product is a box that contains simple combinations of ground plant powders that you can mix with organic lemon juice or water, and/or other organic herbs and spices (if desired) for unique coloring effects on different hair types.

For specific questions about the Light Mountain henna hair coloring product, we suggest directing your questions to the manufacturer, Lotus Brands.

By the way, the Light Mountain product is easy to use and gives excellent results for many different hair types. It can also be a fun and creative experience as well. Just follow the instructions and experiment!

PS - We recommend washing the henna out of your hair while in the shower as it can be messy and requires a bit of patience to remove the botanical plant material from one's hair.