Life Without Synthetic Conditioners: It's Not Impossible!!

Information about coarse or thick hair and the detox process

Q: I've been using your shampoo for about a week now (and I followed the detox directions when I got started). I have very thick, wavy, coarse hair. The idea of not using any conditioner seemed ridiculous, but I tried it. But it looks like it's not an option for my hair. There is absolutely no way to get a comb through my hair if I don't condition it. I have been using your Cocoa Butter Body Oil, since that's what you recommend for hair, and it only helps a little. I'm really concerned, because I have to comb it out when it's wet, and I'm starting to see some breakage on the ends (I just had a haircut, and normally this takes weeks or months to develop). Do you have any suggestions for my (currently unmanageable) hair?


A: Please go back to our detox instructions, the complete long version on our web site, and read number five again -- speeding the detox. This step is a very important step, especially for folks with long, thick or damaged hair. Using the Body Wash for a few days and the dilute vinegar and water conditioning/detox rinse can really help such hair types in the early stages of the detox, and with your thick/coarse hair, your detox will likely take a few weeks.

You can also use the vinegar and water rinse as we describe in number five, as needed, along with and after using the Pure Earth Hair Wash as frequently as you'd like, and continue to use a bit of the Anointing Oil for smoothing, if desired. This should help you get through the detox more quickly.