Please Try Our Hair Wash, Even if You're Sensitive to Chemicals!!

Info for chemically-sensitive people

Q: I am very excited to try your hair wash. I have chemical sensitivities, but I am also irritated by most essential oils. So I would like to begin with the Fragrance-free Hair Wash. I have thick, wavy hair that is 50% gray - and your product
descriptions do not recommend the fragrance free wash for this type of hair. Can you recommend a regimen for me, to help my type of hair work with the Fragrance-free Hair Wash?


A: As your hair is not chemically-processed, it is most likely that you CAN use the Fragrance-free Hair Wash. We highly recommend that you read through all of the instructions in our excellent, detailed Hair Wash instructions article and, in particular, read and follow numbers five and six in the article. The article is most important for folks to gain an understanding of how the unique Pure Earth Hair Wash works, the detox process, what to expect during the detox, tips, etc.

The Fragrance-free Hair Wash does not have any moisturizing factor, so it's possible that, with your thick wavy hair, you might feel the need to use a touch of one of our organic Body Oils or Body Cremes for a little smoothing and conditioning.