Give It Time!!

Information about hair problems during detox

Q: I have been using your Hair Wash for about a week
now. I am having a few issues and wanted to get your opinion. It seems like by now I should be seeing some benefits and I don’t feel I am. My hair feels dry, stringy and unruly. About how long should I give it? I really want to commit to the product but am wondering if it is the right thing for my hair.


A: In reading your letter, from what you are describing, we know that you are in the beginning of the detox and that, most likely, you have not seen our Hair Wash instructions article. Relax! What you are experiencing is such a common detox condition, it is outlined in detail in our Hair Wash Detox Protocol!

We can certainly offer you some guidance with your detox. First, though, you really must read our excellent, detailed Hair Wash instructions article. It truly is best to read the entire article and, in particular, please be sure to read numbers one, four, five, six and ten in the article. You'll be surprised at what you read and are sure to experience an "Ah-ha!" moment when you've read through the article.