A Hair Styling Solution!!

Information about hair styling solutions

Q: My hair is very fine and has no body, and I've always struggled with it. I have tried different types of shampoo, moose, etc. I saw your product on Dirty Jobs the other day and I was thinking I might give you a try to see if your products can fix my lifeless hair. I have a few questions before I commit to the process...

1. After I complete the detox process, do I use the Hair Wash on my hair daily like I would any other Hair Wash?
2. Since my hair loses body and curl very easily I tend to use hair spray. Is that bad to do with your product?


A: When most folks follow all of the instructions outlined in our excellent, detailed and highly informative Hair Wash instructions article (and their hair is not terribly damaged from chemical hair treatments), they experience good results in using our Hair Wash and transitioning away from the conventional synthetic hair care products. Keep in mind that making the transition to truly natural hair cleansing usually takes a few weeks and does require a commitment -- a strong desire to go organic.

Our recommended Hair Wash product formulas for fine, straight and/or thin hair (and oily hair) are our Fragrance-free and/or our Cool Mint formulas. (FYI, we also always recommend our Fragrance-free products for more sensitive individuals.)

Please note that following our Hair Wash instructions exactly is essential for best results. It is important to note that our Hair Wash products are not compatible with conventional hair styling and conditioning- type products -- sprays, mousses, gels, conditioners, etc. (Our Hair Wash instructions article explains polymer coating agent problem in detail.)

Unfortunately, the very products -- synthetic petrochemical vinyl and/or acrylate, or bio-plastic polymer coating agents -- that you use to glue your hair in place are the same products that buildup on the hair and that weigh fine hair down. These polymers are also difficult to remove completely.

We highly recommend finding a Master Stylist (they usually do charge more for a cut, but their finished hair style is healthier for you, AND you can save money because you don't need to buy all of the plastic styling/glue products to hold your hair in place) who is open-minded and who can give you a natural cut that works WITH your hair and that will not require styling glues to hold it in place. Going organic with your hair care really is better for you and our planet!