A Simple Solution to Sticky Swimming Problems

Info about washing chlorine and/or salt out of your hair after swimming

Q: I love your Pure Earth Hair Wash! I am going with my family to the Caribbean in a few weeks and I was wondering if you had any special guidance for hair washing during extreme exposure to sun, chlorinated pools and salt water. Pools tend to make my hair "sticky". Should I wash more frequently, use an additional wash or switch products while I am there?


A: Our recommendation is to apply a light coating of one of our 100% Organic Body Cremes to the hair (yes, the hair will be oily) BEFORE swimming. This will put a light barrier on the hair (it is a barrier cream) to help protect the hair from the harsh effects of pool chemicals, or salt and sun. Alternatively, our Anointing Body Oil may be used also, although the Body Cremes are more protective products as they are heavier barrier moisturizers. After swimming, wash the hair normally with our Hair Wash, or follow the instructions in number five (speeding the detox) in our Hair Wash instructions article by washing with one of our Body Washes and a vinegar/water rinse as step one, and following with the Pure Earth Hair Wash as step two.

Of course, the added benefit of following this protocol, in lieu of using rubber bathing caps, is that, in addition to simplifying your toiletries packing for travel, you will have the Hair Wash to cleanse your hair, you will be able to feel refreshed and have fun using one of our delightful organic Body Washes (Cool Mint is especially lively!) to wash the pool chemicals and/or salt/sand off your body, and you will have a yummy, rich moisturizer to protect and soothe your skin from the effects of sun/sand/chemicals. Perhaps best of all, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won't be contaminating the ocean with synthetic toxic chemicals.