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Information about styling agents

Q: I don't see any conditioner, gel or hairspray on your site. Can you suggest some? Even though you have a good Hair Wash don't most people still want to use these items? And most women curl and spray their hair to keep the style...


A: We have found no completely natural and/or USDA certified organic styling products. Conventional and so-called "natural" hair styling products are not compatible with our Hair Wash. The vast majority of liquid shampoo products, specialty conditioners and styling aids (sold in "health" food stores, discount stores, drug stores, grocery stores, on the internet and through other retail outlets) that are labeled as "natural" are not really even truly natural (let alone truly certified organic). Such surfactant/detergent products do not meet the USDA definition of "natural" (because of the chemical-intensive manufacturing process used to produce them) or even the dictionary definition of the word "natural." What this means is that you have been using conventional detergent products with added oleochemical fatty acid emollients and/or other thickeners and synthetic coating agents (soy, wheat or other "protein" polymers, or polymers or PVP co-polymers, acrylates, silicones, dimethicones, carbomers, etc.) and you have plastic polymer build-up on your hair that you will need to remove. Using these styling aids with our hair wash will end up being counter-productive because you will be using our products to remove the build-up, only to put it all back onto your hair when you use the styling aids.