Using Our Hair Wash with Hard Water?? No Problem!!

Info about TE hair wash and hard water/vinegar rinse concerns

Q: I was wondering if there is an issue with your Hair Wash and hard water. I have been told that with some shampoos, specifically castile type, a vinegar rinse is necessary.


A: Please read the following excellent, detailed article (link below) about our Hair Wash to learn more about what it is and the unique way that it works. It contains much detailed and useful information about our very different hair cleanser. We highly recommend reading it more than once to gain maximum insight into the Pure Earth Hair Wash and how to make the transition away from conventional shampoo products, and the conventional hair cleansing, conditioning and styling methods! Information about using a vinegar rinse is provided in question #5 on the hair help section of our website.

As our Hair Wash is NOT a shampoo -- it contains no soap or detergents -- hard water quality is not really an issue.

Vinegar rinses can be healthy and delightful additions to a non-toxic hair cleansing regime and some folks find them refreshing, balancing and detangling; however, a vinegar rinse is not an absolute necessity when using our Pure Earth Hair Wash.