Snowflakes falling from the sky--or your hair??

Dandruff problem

Q: I have been using your Lavender Pure Earth Hair Wash for several months now, and I have recently discovered dandruff on my scalp! It's itchy and I can see white flakes on top of my head. Will frequent washing help cure this? I don't have any of your body oils, so I can't use them to moisturize. This has been going on for a couple of weeks and I thought it would have gone away by now. Can you give some advice asap as this is gross and embarrassing!


A: Our recommendation for you is to follow number 6 and 5 (in order) in our excellent detailed Hair Wash instructions article. In addition, we also recommend switching over to either our Fragrance-free and/or our Cool Mint Hair Wash for a week or so. It is possible that, after you do the Body Wash/vinegar rinse deep cleanse, going forward, you may find it to be beneficial to alternate your Hair Wash between the Lavender and the Fragrance-free and/or our Cool Mint Hair Washes to minimize build-up of natural sebum and/or citrus wax.

Lastly, we would recommend that you do the Body Wash/vinegar rinse deep cleanse once or twice per month, or as often as desired to refresh and balance your hair and scalp.