Tangled Hair--It's a Thing of the Past

Information about using the Hair Wash with your kids

Q:  I am currently using the Pure Earth Hair Wash on my five-year-old daughter's hair. Her hair is very fragile and breaks easily. The one problem I have is that after I wash her hair it is so knotted that she cries when I brush it out. So I have two questions for you.  What can I do to strengthen her hair--is there another product I should be using?  And do you have something to help with the tangles?

A:  Many people have found that when they massage a dilute vinegar and water  combination (50%v/50%w or even 25v/75w) through the entire scalp and all of their hair for about one minute (after rinsing the mud out of the hair with plain water first), and then rinse the hair again with plain water, provide a nice detangling effect for their hair. Be sure to read number five in the instructions (link below) for more details about this special rinse and about our deep cleansing treatment that we recommend everyone do at least once per month, or more as desired.

Finally, for more extensive information about conditioning the hair, Hair Wash tips, etc., we highly recommend that you please read through all of our excellent, detailed Hair Wash instructions article from our web site.