What Can You Do To Clean Up An Oily Hairline?

A note from a new customer with her hints for removing extra oil from her hairline

I just wanted to write and say how wowed I am with your hair mud wash!  I've only been using the Hair Wash for a week and I can already feel a difference in my hair. I had been using a $30 salon shampoo for my long but oily hair, and the first time I did the hair detox I couldn't believe how much gunk was in my hair. My hair looked really dull, but I did it again the next day, and after washing it again today, I can really see a difference. My hair has tons of body, and dried naturally (without the blowdryer) in a gorgeous beachy, natural shape. I am going to buy a few bottles for my friends who also struggle with greasy, limp hair.

Side note: I also put some around my hairline while my hair was dry, for about five minutes before I showered. I'm hoping the clays will absorb oil and help keep my forehead clear of blemishes; it certainly feels good and is a nice added step to washing my face at night.