Our Hair Wash isn't (coco)Nutty

Q:  I'm preparing my first Hair Wash order but have to double-check something before I order.  Does your shampoo contain any coconut or its derived products?  I'm allergic to coconut.


A:  Regarding your question about coconut oil, our Hair wash is a non-sudsing product and, as a non-foaming product, it does not contain any surfactants/detergents or soap.  Our Pure Earth Hair Wash does not contain any coconut oil or coconut oil derivatives.

We highly recommend that, before you purchase our Hair Wash, you take a few minutes to read through all of our excellent and detailed Hair wash instructions article from our web site so that you will have a better understanding of how our unique Hair Wash works, to read about the detox protocol, read tips for speeding the detox period and selecting the proper formula for your hair type, and to view good information about what to expect when using the Hair Wash for the first time.