What to Do about Flakes

Q: I've been using the Hair Wash for well over a month and have just started noticing white flakes on my hair line above my forehead. It does not itch. Is this left over residue? Am I using the product incorrectly?


A: Regarding your question, we have three thoughts:

1. You are still detoxing and this flakiness may be polymers coming off your hair and scalp. It is normal to experience some flakiness while you are detoxing.


2. You have a dry scalp and might wish to consider doing the conditioning oil treatment described in our Hair Wash instructions perhaps once or twice per month, or try massaging a drop or two of one of our Super Emollient Moisturizers into your scalp after washing if your hair is not too thin or fine. You could also use an organic apple cider vinegar/water (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) rinse a few times per week or after each washing to help balance your flaking scalp.

To read about the recommended conditioning with our Super Emollient Moisturizer treatment, see paragraph two in number six in the Hair Wash instructions article:  http://www.terressentials.com/hairhelp.html 


3. You may need to try out a different hair wash flavor. Sometimes the organic citrus waxes found in the Left Coast Lemon and Lavender Garden flavors are too heavy for certain hair types. Try the Cool Mint or Fragrance-Free, as these contain no citrus waxes. If you are already using the Cool Mint or Fragrance-Free, maybe you need more moisture. Try the Sultry Spice, Lavender Garden, or Left Coast Lemon.

See number 2 of our Hair Wash Instructions for more info about which flavor to choose for your hair type.