How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?? It's Up to You!!

Q: I was wondering, I just started using your Hair Wash and I am in the middle of detox. I wanted to know if after the detox period do I have to wash my hair everyday or once a week or how often is recommended?


A: Generally, for most people, the more frequently one washes their hair in the beginning days of starting in with the Hair Wash "mud," the more quickly the detox progresses. As everyone's hair is different -- longer, shorter, thicker, finer -- and because so many folks may have used many different plastic polymer styling and conditioning products, or chemically-treated their hair, the detox period can vary widely -- a few days to several weeks. Typically, the more natural a person's hair and the fewer conventional-type products used, the quicker the detox.  After the detox period is over,
please feel free to use the Pure Earth Hair Wash as often as you feel the need to have clean hair. I.e., simply wash your hair whenever it feels dirty.