How do I get the last bit of hair wash out of the bottle?

Q: Help! My hair wash is stuck in the bottle! Can I add water to it?


As our hair-wash is made with clay, it is unavoidable that some will stick to the bottom. We would never want to add synthetic ingredients just to make it come out easier.

Our advice:

1. Store your bottle upside-down

2. Think ketchup! Hold the bottle upside-down with the cap closed. Hit the sides with your palm or tap the bottle on the counter with enough force to move the hair wash but not break the cap.

3. For cleanliness reasons, we do not recommend adding water directly to the bottle unless you are going to use the rest up in 2-3 days. If you are, add a small amount of water and shake gently to help mix the hair wash with the water.

4. If you want to add water to make application easier, squirt enough hair wash for one use into a cup and add a bit of water to the cup. We recommend using distilled water.