Will the Hair Wash strip chemical dyes out of my hair?

Q: Will your Hair Wash strip chemical dyes out of my hair?


We cannot provide you with a definitive response as we are not manufacturers of chemical dyes or chemical products. We cannot predict the stability of chemical dyes. We can say, however, that for the past 16 years, many people have reported to us that they regularly use our Hair Wash  on their dyed/bleached hair with excellent results.

We do not recommend the use of chemical hair dyes for a number of reasons: chemical hair dyes are toxic for the environment when they are manufactured in industrial chemical factories, unhealthy for you (and the salon workers) when they are used, pollute our waterways/drinking water, and are toxic to wildlife when such volumes of chemicals are washed down the drain into our waterways.

True, pure botanical henna powder hair coloring (often blended with indigo, walnut shells, beet powder, etc) when blended with water, black tea, or lemon juice, provides a wide range of completely natural and lovely shades of reds, coppers, browns, burgundies, mahogany, to black. It is also considerably less expensive at $10-$14 per box compared to $100+ visits to the salon. As an added bonus, when henna paste is rinsed from the hair and the used vegetable matter goes down the drain into our waterways, the henna compost provides FOOD for wildlife and microorganisms!

To learn more about totally natural botanical henna hair coloring see: http://www.te-helpmyhair.blogspot.com/search/label/hair%20dye